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Eliciting the finest fallout for your requirements are always our priority and we truly believe in delivering that. We are one of the elite IT project services, data management, application development, product development and staff augmentation enterprise which follows exquisite methods in delivering futuristic projects to the clients with the out-most client satisfaction and timeout delivery. We have lately emerged as one of the pioneers in software product development and operational support.

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Netpetu(Re-branded as LaunchPaw) is developed in Java/J2EE technologies intended for use by animal shelters and rescue centers. Our product is unique in the sense it will not only automate the operations of shelters but also helps them define a unified process for all Pet Adoptions. We offer the following services to the NetPetU customers and our product is actively used by more than 20+ shelters across The United States.

With our Product, we offer the following services to our clients. File Storage Registration, Pet Health Cards, Merchandise Services, Dynamic Web Presence, Virtual Terminal Information, Forum Reports, Forms User Management & Amber Alerts.


ANIRA provides its clients with only the most qualified experts for virtually any application, who are well versed with the cutting edge technologies of the industry. Our specializations are broadly classified as the following.


Data Governance

Data is a vital asset for enterprises of all kinds. Smart businesses are seeking new strategies to manage their growing data repositories.

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Regulatory Compliance

Effective management of data has become a major corporate priority, not just an IT responsibility.

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Mobile App Development

Days of carrying a device which is not compact makes us uneasy and uncomfortable.

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Digital Marketing

Some of the highest paid Digital Marketing careers are one which involve more of specializing in SEO.

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